Why Homeowners Put Off West Hollywood Appliance Repairs

Whether it’s your washing machine, stove, or refrigerator repair West Hollywood, you depend on your appliances to be there day in and day out with steady and reliable performance. However, what happens when those appliances fail to deliver? You might wake up to find that your ice cream has melted, your washing machine might leak water all over your floor, or maybe your stove won’t heat up.

Our answer for you is simple: when your appliances malfunction, you call us, Everyday Appliance Repair at (323) 643-1581 for top quality service.

After serving our community for years, we’ve noticed a tendency for homeowners to delay necessary service calls. There probably endless number of reasons homeowners put off appliance repair, but these are the most common:

– To save money
Whether you’re a Hollywood starlet, or an average Joe, living in LA is expensive. Our housing market isn’t exactly affordable, our utilities aren’t known for being low, and residents feel the strain of extreme gas prices. With our high cost of living taken into account, it’s really no surprise that many homeowners try to put off appliance repair to save a few bucks. They tell themselves that they will just get to it next week, month, or even year.

However, delaying appliance repair generally leads to more expensive bills down the road. Think about it, you wouldn’t delay an oil change in your car just to save money, so you shouldn’t put off a necessary appliance repair either.

– They wonder if their appliance is worth repairing
There’s no question that you would replace a flat tire on a new car rather than throw it out. However, would you pay for an engine overhaul on a 25 year old vehicle with 300,000 miles? Probably not. Homeowners find themselves asking the same type of question about their appliances and it’s a prudent thought.

That’s where we come in. When you call Everyday Appliance Repair at (323) 643-1581, one of our team members will be happy to go over the details of your appliance: how old it is, what’s the model, and what the problem seems to be. From there, we can help counsel you if the unit is worth repairing of if you’re better off just replacing it.

– They they can fix it themselves
There are a lot of home repairs that can be handled even by the most inexperienced handyman: changing a light bulb for instance. So, it’s really not a surprise that more ambitious homeowners will attempt to fix their malfunctioning appliance themselves.

With all due respect to homeowners, appliance repair isn’t for amateurs. Countless times, one of our technicians has walked into a home only to find appliance parts strewn across the floor. As we get to work in this mess, we may find that a crucial screw is missing, that a wire has been stripped, or that a seal has been broken. Please take our advice and just call the professionals to begin with for all appliance repair in west hollywood.

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