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How To Download 3d Movies

Nevermind what you hear about 3d tv’s dying. I feel 3d is only getting bigger and it seems lately it’s helping the box office make more money too. I used to be much like the people that didn’t care much for 3d. The idea of wearing bulky glasses, buying batteries just for a weak pop out effect. All that changed when I was shopping for a new tv. I wasn’t even looking for a 3d tv, mostly just focused on 4k. I was actually looking at Samsung. It wasn’t until I saw a 3d demo from LG that I said “I need this”. If or when you have 3d tv to truly appreciate it needs to be 4k and you need to see the best 3d movies with pop out effect. The 3d blu ray movies can get rather expensive so I’m going to tell you how I was able to download 3d movies free.

There are many free options you can look into one of them being Youtube. I was surprised that there were not only were their 3d demos on youtube but even full length movies. Not sure how long that will last but there is also the new 3dgo app. Its a free app for smart 3d tvs that lets you stream 3d movies. I’m not sure how expensive it is. Your last and cheapest move is to use torrent sites download the movie files and transfer to your usb. Your best option though is 3d movie streaming. So many new 3d services coming out that I don’t think 3d is going anywhere anytime soon. With Netflix adding 3d titles everyday soon amazon will follow.