Emegency dental care that cares

Emergency Dental is a dentist in annapolis md. He is to put simply, amazing for people who are scared to visit there local dentist. My wife is terrified of the dentist. When she was little she had a bad experience almost traumatizing. Actually, it wasn’t almost it was.

My wife will always remember when she was about 4-5 years old she had to get her tooth pulled. You wouldn’t believe this but my wife vividly remembers. The dentist was having trouble trouble pulling a tooth out so he then placed his leg on her chest to gain more leverage. Can you imagine a grown mans wait on a child like that?

Long story short she is now terrified to see a dentist for any reason. Poor thing gets anxiety just knowing she has to see a dentist. Here is where the dentist comes into this story. We told him about her issues and instead of rushing us in and out. He took as much time as we needed to get through her appointment. For those looking for an annapolis dentist you better call the doctor. Especially if you have a fear, he can help you ease your fear.