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Hi my name is Darrel owner of I wanted to share with anyone who is in the appliance repair industry how I can help you get more appliance repair leads. I know it can be hard to trust someone when it comes to the dreaded world of SEO but I can offer something no other company can which is a guarantee.

I can’t expect any of my clients to pay me and take all the risk so I constructed a marketing plan that is fair for both sides. Basically we agree on a time frame which is typically around 6 months. During the 6 months it is my job to get your website found for the keywords you want in your city. After 6 months if I fail to get your appliance repair company on the first page of either Google, Yahoo or bing then I will market your business for free.

It really is that simple! To learn more about how I can help you check out appliance repair marketing that works! I have a proven track record of ranking my clients on the first page of Google and most of the time, the top 3 positions. I am still excepting new clients so hurry and fill out my contact form. This is first come first served. I will only do business with one company in each city.