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Always Try Washer Repair Before Replacement in Federal Way Washington

Most people don’t think much about their washer, until it stops working. For a mother with a full house, losing the washer or more than a day can be devastating. It seems that kids and adults go through clothes at superhuman speed, and the wash quickly piles up. With today’s busy schedules, heading to the laundromat is pretty much not an option, which is why you need a washer repair service on dial that can come out right away. The good news is that Top Shelf Appliance is the service you need to get your washer repaired right away. They can repair any appliance repair federal Way service sameday.

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While you may be tempted to run out and started price new washers, in most cases all a washer needs is serviced in order to start working again. You need a Federal Way appliance repair company that knows what to look for. There are several things that commonly go wrong in washers such as electrical wiring issues, blown timers, and becoming out of rotation. These things can be fixed and in the process you will save a lot of money compared to how much you would pay for a brand new washer. Therefore, before you get too upset about your washer breaking down call up Top Shelf Appliance and have them come out to take a look.

Most of the time they will be able to troubleshoot the problem and quote you a repair cost. There is no better repair shop in Federal Way, WA then Top Shelf Appliance and they are easily reached via phone number 253-486-9072. Save some money and find out how easy it is to get your washer fixed and back into working order with the help of a professional repair service. See our facebook page and don’t forget to like us.

How To Install Granite Countertops in Temecula

To prevent your granite countertop from cracking or even worse breaking you must prepare. When planning your install, dealing with your local stone fabricator is very important. Granite is a lot of weight, really hard to move around and must be cut with special tools. Although granite is durable and hard if not handled correctly it can get damaged.

There isn’t much to be done about a broken slab of granite so make sure to work very closely with your granite supplier or the company that is installing if your not doing it yourself.

So the first and most obvious step is deciding what type of counter top you want whether it’s quartz, granite or marble your stone supplier should have many samples and slabs to view. Take a good look up close to see all the different types of patterns and colors. Some places like arizona tile will give you a good sized box to take home and try out different samples at home.

After you choose your countertop you need to decide on what type of edge to use including bull nose, square, bevel and more. Even if you are installing yourself you may want the supplier to stop by and see if there is anything else that might get in the way when installing the granite countertop.

Once you figure out the lenght the edging the next step is to pick out your back splash. Need a pro to hire? Go to temecula granite countertops for estimate.

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