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Trustworthy Coin Dealers near Hemet

Some grandparents and dads. Have been holding onto old coin collections that they had been saving, some even came from their dad . The hope was that one day the coins will gain in value to help out the future generation. For those grandkids and great-grandchildren reaching adulthood, they have no idea that the time is now! From old Indian head penny sets, buffalo nickel sets and those old Morgan and peace silver dollars  now is the time  sell those old coins. They are also unaware of how eager a company such as Markham Numismatics will purchase

There coins.  I have been collecting coin since I  was 12 years old when my father first started me collecting coins. As I watched my dad’s collection grow I to want to collect coins. That was almost 40 years ago!  Coin collection has been my childhood hobby that has grow into a lifelong passion! Find a coin dealer hemet today to sell your coins.

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